Play and charge your wallet with this wonderful site

You've got this very place where you can fill your wallet. Feel yourself in the shoes of an adventurer and pioneer. ' PickaxeGame ' is a great option for an interesting hobby.  After registration you can start playing immediately. The game interface is very simple and easy to use. You'll see a vast plain, rocky plateau is divided into sectors, where you can dig. There is a chance to find the gems, which you can then sell it on the black market for gold.  You have an initial set of five picks that you can Groove stone. But the rig's life difficult and full of unpredictable difficulties. Have to dig hard is very firm, used hoes up quickly. So pick one to one hack.
However, when looking for gold, you can find work tools from your unlucky predecessors, bitten to death by coyotes. Even after a certain period of time are you have a bunch of hoes, you will be able to use it again.  You must remember that only one patient and persistent people reach success, so don't forget to enter the game every day, you will receive a bonus to the regular visit. On the fifth day will enter the Super game, so don't waste the opportunity.  You'd better explore this vast plain plateau as soon as possible. Here, the risk and opportunities to grow rich await you both. You won't be able to break all solid, so no Groove everything. When you use all the opportunities provided by luck, you will get a new flat land and start everything from the beginning.



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