Governor of bitcoin

heh place that saved his balance bitcoin speak to day about the best and most famous of these types of purses

1-( one of the best transaction from Governor blockchain starting in 2011 at a time when the transaction from is still in its early stages. Difficult to reconcile security and ease of use, however, can be said to blockchain had succeeded in creating such a consensus. What distinguishes this wallet that can access it directly from the browsers and smart phones applications

features: easy to use, available on most platforms, don't keep the private keys for users, offer many tools for those interested in trading the bitcoin wallet save backup copies automatically

cons: difficult to maintain privacy when using blockchain

2- (

 this portfolio was established in 2012, then later evolved to become a platform for the sale and purchase transaction from convert it to other currencies. In addition coinbase provides services to traders to facilitate them receive payments of bitcoin

features: easy and simple and so is the first choice for many who are taking their first steps in a transaction from

Cons: keep the private keys for users, security problems encountered previously, buy and sell transaction from strict procedures related to personal identification

3. (bitcoin core):

is the first portfolio bitcoin, was developed by the founder of bitcoin himself Satoshi Nakamoto-this name is probably not true since founding identity transaction from still unknown portfolio are
  developed by a team of core bitcoin is an open source

features: stable and secure system high level of privacy absolute transparency since it's open source

cons: use stranded in computers with some prestigious complex considers specifications

4- (

 enjoy the easy to use interface which you can access through the website greenaddress or through their applications on Smartphones. The highlight of greenaddress is that it provides multiple signatures to encryption

features: easy to use available on most platforms supports multiple signatures encryption

cons: relatively new not suitable for people who want complete control over their transaction from

5- (

 a routine portfolio are not safe blockchain not easy to greenaddress and does not maintain a level of privacy bitcoin core and the only reason to be on this list, is a credit card So you can use this card cash transaction from yours anywhere Visa cards are

features: Visa card features depend on the transaction from the wallet available on different platforms

cons: costly card purchase transaction from or to issue cards requires a personal identification card
  issued by Visa are available for some countries

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